"Candy Bling" lyrics - MARIAH CAREY

"Candy Bling"

I still remember that hazy September
I been waiting for somebody like you
To come back around

[Verse 1:]
We would walk in the park every Saturday
Brand new, all in love, kissing time away
You was all up on me it was plain to see
That I was your girl
And way back then it was the simple things
Anklets, nameplates that you gave to me
Sweet Tarts, Ring Pops, got that candy bling
And you were my world

Now I wish I could go back and make time stop
I would take this love throwback from the top
Go DJ play my song
And I'mma think about you all night long

Back in the day we were in love
We're not in love anymore
But somedays I sit and wish
We was in love again

Irresponsible things we would do
Fall asleep on the phone and skipping school
Now I'm back to the future missing you

My sweet baby, my sweet thing
Like candy
Felt like real love not just play play
Missing you my sweet baby

[Verse 2:]
It was everything that I could do to stay away
And I often reminisce about the games we played
When it was tag, chess, spin the bottle
Them butterflies wouldn't last til tomorrow
Then the lights came on
I had to run right



I'm the same Mimi, fame ain't changed me
Butterfly floating like Muhammad Ali
Wish I could bring u back like the ODB
Thinking about the ???, me, you and Jack
No matter what I do all the memories is stacked
Something about 10th grade, thinking about 11th
Then you went Doug E. Fresh all the way to heaven