"Metroland" lyrics - MARK KNOPFLER


Yearning, We Were Yearning
Greenlight Blindin' On The Rail
Burning, We Were Burning
And The Line Unwindin' To The Holy Grail
To The Future Gleaming On The Blue Horizon
And A Golden Girl On Golden Sand
Dreaming, Fantasising In Another World
For Metroland
I've Been Still Waiting
And I've Been Jangled
And I've Gone Layin'
I've Been A Rolling Stone
In Berlin
Then I've Been Rambled
Not Afraid To Walk Alone
And Now I Take, My Midnight Ramble
Do I Fold Or Play
What's In My Hand
What's At Stake, What's The Gamble
Do I Stay In Metroland
Dreams, Yesterday's Laughter
Ghosts And Lovers Come Back To Play
But Dreams Have The Morning After
Run For Cover In The Light Of Day
I've Something Real, Worth Holding Onto
I Can Belong To, And Understand
Made My Deal
I Will Go Onto
Make My Peace With Metroland, With Metroland
Metroland, Metroland, Metroland