"Farmer's Blues" lyrics - MARTY STUART

"Farmer's Blues"

Who'll buy my wheat, who'll buy my corn?
To feed my babies when they are born
Seeds and dirt, a prayer for rain that I can use.
I work the land, I watch the sky
I talk to God and wonder why
But it's the only life I know, these farmer's blues.

I see the seasons come and go
Sending rain, fire, and snow.
I'm at the mercy of it all, this life I choose.
Sometimes I hang my head and cry
When that evening train comes by.
I wish it could take me far away
These farmer's blues.

The tractor's old, the fence is down
Put on my suit and go to town.
I ask for a loan and I know well they might refuse
Back at home, still by my side
The one I love is where it hides
Waits for me to love away, these farmer's blues.