"When I Am Old One Day" lyrics - MARY HOPKIN

"When I Am Old One Day"
(Harvey Andrews)

When I am old one Day,
Children will laugh as I shuffle on by,
Resting with ev'ry Stride,
Believing that steps were never so high.
When I am old one Day, surrounded by Pieces is long ago,
I will recall today and wonder where all the hours go.

Will I sit in the Park, Time on my Hands
To soak up the sun, or will I have made my Mark,
And still have some Things that have to be done.

Will I talk to the Air,
Mumbling Phrases to Shadows
That hide with People who stop to stare
And wonder just who I see at my side.

When I am old one Day
Watching the Children playing their Game.
Someone may pass my Way,
And look at my Face
And call out my Name.

And then he'll remember when
I stood on the Stage and I sang this song,
And maybe we'll both try then,
To remember the Words and sing along.
When I am old one Day.