MARY J. BLIGE lyrics - What's The 411? (Remix)

"What's The 411? (Remix)"

[Puff Daddy:]
Oh shit (what's that man)
I don't know kid, I think it's a party going on
Oh, it's the remix
Check it, yeah muthafuckas
What we about to do right about now
We gonna get kinda funky
I am the Puff Daddy
And I'm rolling with my man Biggie Smalls
Mary J. Blige and K-Ci from Jodeci
And we about to do something new
And we about to
Check it, say what, say what

[Hook 2x: Biggie + (Mary J. Blige)]
Hey yo, what's the 411, hun
(What's the 411, hun)
I know you got it going on
(Hey yo, I got it going on)

As I sit back relax
Steam a blunt, sip a Becks
Think about the sexy singers that I wanna sex
I'd probably go to jail
For fucking Patti LaBelle
Ooh Regina Belle, she'd probably do me swell
Jasmine Guy was fly
Mariah Carey's kinda scary
Wait a minute, what about my honey Mary?
Them jeans, they fittin' like a glove
I had a crush on you since "Real Love"
Hold your horses
I'mma show ya who the boss of intercourse is
Sex, I'm taking no losses
Even groups like SWV and TLC
Can't see B.I.G. with telepathy
The recipe, a picture hardcore with a gun
Pimpin' ain't easy but it's always fun
When it comes to nuts, I bust'em one by one
So what's the 4-1-1, hun

[Hook 2x: Biggie + (Mary J. Blige)]
Hey yo, what's the 411, hun
(What's the 411, hun)
I know you got it going on
(Hey yo, I got it going on)

[Mary J. Blige:]
Yeah nigga, what makes you better than the next nigga
Seen you last week and your black ass couldn't speak
You try to play like Mr all of that
But now you wanna come to me with some chit-chat
I don't have no time for no wham-bam thank you ma'am
Gas me up, get me drunk and hit the skins and scram
The same old shit you pulled last week on Pam
I'm not having it, no, I'm not having it
You got to do a lot more and it's just how it be
I'm Mary Blige and you just ain't running up in me
I need a man who's looking with for some security
So come correct with some respect, and then we'll see
So if you with it, then drop the 7-digits
And I might just give you a call (Damn)
If you ain't with it then don't waste your time at all
Biggie Smalls, and you don't stop

[Bridge: Mary J. Blige + K-Ci]
All my love is all I have
And my dreams are very special
All my life I've looked for you
And today your dreams come true
You need me and I need you
Love and us is kinda special
Things you seem to do divine
This is ours to combine
I know our love was meant to be
Love is life and life is living

[Puff Daddy:]
Yeah, come on, I like
Ah, I like
Yeah, I like
But check this muthafuckas
That was What's the 4-1-1
'94 is here
We gonna have something new for y'all asses on this next album, man
Yeah, we gonna have something new for your asses
We gon' to keep it funky
Yeah, it's a Bad Boy thing
Tumblin' Dice, my man Rash' on the remix tip
Yeah, big shout to the Uptown crew, ugh
To all the people across the nation
Funk nation that is, that supported the album
My man Busta Rhymes, my man Grand Puba, check it
Ugh, yeah, Big 'Dre in the house
My man Buttnaked Tim Dawg, ugh
Check it
Jodeci, ugh, rock, rock on, yeah
Dave Hall, yeah, rock, rock on