"Armored Truck" lyrics - MASTA KILLA

"Armored Truck"

I started out workin' a ho
Moved up to a runner
Hustled for material wealth
Put bullet-proof tires on the Hummer

Straight to ya gate I deliver
Flow like the Kwantung River
Murdered for a few tails of silver
Code:Red swingin' on ya head, it's all actual

The murder capital, group emcee killers
Masters, pros and villains, mic snatchers
Dark like a hatchet, flash ya ratchet
Whether steel or plastic, check the regiment

Peace to Almighty Infinite from the desert
What's the science Wu-alliance on the Ave?
Son got stabbed up at the party, never
God too clever, he seen it comin'

They thought he was slippin' 'cause he's rockin' a drunken
Hand on his gun and
Eyes red, ready to dare whatever movin'
Against the armored truck, people that he move wit'