"Iemanja" lyrics - MELODY GARDOT


White lady gone to the Southern sea
Why do you appear so suddenly
We want to honor your family
With a little bitty boat set out on the sea
Iemanja, Iemanja, Iemanja
I dream of days spent in Salvador
With my little darling forever more
Taking a walk along the shore
Feels like heaven's an open door
Iemanja, Iemanja
If I were to offer a plain perfume
And if I were to honor the shining moon
As she sits so lonely upon the dune
Madre D'agna, See you soon
E'na lahia Iemanja, E'laiana Iemanja
E'Iemanja, E'Iemanja
I wanted to stay
I gotta go but I'm coming back one day [3x]