"Erroneous Manipulation" lyrics - MESHUGGAH

"Erroneous Manipulation"

An inwrought irksome rabbit
Is washing my stomach
I can't stop thinking about my tonsils
How they are pendulating between my toes
Slowly suffering from liberty
I'm naked on a TV set and it's running wild
Fast, sweet, and heavy penetrating into my
Grandparents' pupils out of reach, but with a
Canoe's evil emotion

All right, I can admit it now
I was a screaming and lying stone operation
Who searched his way through car parts
Afraid to be recognized by a spoon

Birds with empty refrigerators heated up the
Children's chair sweat
There was no chance to drive the table without
A blue sock, 'cause my mistakes rolled down above
The forest of investigation
As soon as I heard my neighbor bend his arm
With a submarine, the milk was hot and dangerous
Like a bed

Nobody understands how wipe washers can breathe cows
Farting magazines are wading in waxed scarecrows

Falling flesh punched me in my bath suit look alike neck
Which controls universe with an iron grip of umbrellas
I'm wiping away some mirrors from the snakes
Without drinking any bus stations

Sorry, I'm in love with a door