"Release Yo' Delf" lyrics - METHOD MAN

"Release Yo' Delf"
feat. Blue Raspberry

[Hook: Blue Raspberry] [2x]
When I first stepped on the scene, niggas was petrified
Jet back to the lab like they were being chased by homicide
My rap flow does you right Tical
And it will never steer you wrong
And all you bitch-ass niggas in the industry
Your careers won't be lasting long

[Verse 1: Method Man]
Check it, I'm the fucking man, who they mention
Noticed that other niggas rap styles is bogus
Doo-doo compared to this versatile voodoo
Blazing, the stuff that ignites stimulation
Inside ya, 'cause I be that hell sure provider
Providing the rhyme that be deep as The Poseidon Adventure
Niggas need to test they freaking tincture
For the sickness that be spreading with the quickness
Remedies, cousin I be doing on my enemy
Penalty, then I drink forties to they memories
Emotion, coursing through your town street vicinity
Blunt smoke in the air reveals my identity

[Break: Method Man]
(Tical... tical... ti-cal, ti-cal...)
As I keep it moving, we keep it moving, uh
Keep it moving, and keep it moving, uh
Keep it moving, baby, we be moving, uh
Keep it moving, we keep it-huh, rhahhrh!

[Bridge: Method Man]
What's that rhythm, what's that sound?
Party people getting down
When it hit no doubt about
Just release yo' delf!!

[Verse 2: Method Man]
My God, somebody said, it's on-if it is, then I'll be set
To blow a nigga up with my five fingers of death
I bring it to his whole damn fam, understand if you fronting
On any man down with the Clan, I be coming
For the headpiece you can't cope
For my brother, I bring it to the Pope, word to mother
Serial killer style from the Isles of Stat'
My peoples are you with me, where you at?
Shit's getting deep in here, I mean like thick
Niggas lookin' all in my face like they want dick
It's about to hit the fan, hit the floor
That's all I can stands, and I can't stands no more
What is it? Niggas think they bigger
Because they got their finger on the trigger of a biscuit
They don't know I'm wicked when I start to kick it
Eat they raw sound, wash it down with a Mistic
Better yet a Snapple
Nigga want the juice but he don't want the hassle
So we're trying to overthrow the castle
Better yet the temple I'm coming to your town black down
The rental car, the pistol cocked
If you don't want to burn from the Glock
Then beware, I buck shots, meaning what?
The buck stops here, no more dough will be made
Unless it's being made by who?


[Hook 2x]

[Break #2]
Throw your hands in the sky
And wave them from side to side
And if you're ready to spark up the Meth Tical
Let me hear you say stim-uli