"The Mandate" lyrics - METRIC

"The Mandate"

As far back as it goes, we watch the time go by
And say our mother's names with a smile.
Remember how she sang you a lullaby?
How'd she ever do such good for you?

Take me back where I used to live.
I want to see my old friends and how they've changed.
I always said that when I grew up, I would give my friends
Another chance to see their lives rearranged.

If they want to see me, I'm gonna be at the bottom of the hills.
I'm gonna be standing with my back against the valley walls.
I'm gonna look up at all the cool kids standing in their running shoes.
I'm gonna walk away from all of them, all of them, all of them, all.

That's the last thing I can say about the future.
I don't really know much about what we're gonna do when the days go by (as they're wasting).
I guess all I really know about where we're gonna go is by looking at where we've been to.

And I'm still looking at you
And I'm still looking at you
And I'm always looking for you
And I'm still looking at you

Whenever I'm not
Whenever I'm not
I'm looking for you
I'm looking for you