"Take It To Heart" lyrics - MICHAEL MCDONALD

"Take It To Heart"
(Diane Warren And Michael McDonald)

I know that you're afraid to love
You've been hurt before
Love broke your heart so you closed the door
Now here I am outside your world,
Wishin' you'd let me in
Give me half a chance to prove you wrong
Baby all your tears have come and gone
Talkin' 'bout a brand new start

Take it to heart, baby believe it
This love is so strong that it won't let you go
Baby hold on, you'll see just how good it's gonna be
It's gonna be here long as you need it
Never take your world and tear it apart
Take it to heart baby

You're gonna have to trust someone
It's a shame if you don't
Because it ain't no life living all alone
Let me show you how to love again
There's no broken heart that love won't mend
Talkin' 'bout a brand new start

I just want to be the one that'll be there by your side
So take this love of mine
Take it to heart

Baby believe it, this love is so strong, love is so strong baby

(love is a second chance to find all that we lost
Love's always worth a try no matter what the cost
I know you don't believe your tears have come and gone
Give me but half a chance and I will prove you wrong)