"Purpose In Your Storm" lyrics - MICHELLE WILLIAMS

"Purpose In Your Storm"
(Tommy Sims / Michelle Williams)

You can make it, stop complainin'.
There's a purpose for your life.
Mamas been here where ya goin'
It's gonna be all right, yeah
He'll never put more on you than you can bear.
It's temporary it's gonna get better.Yes it will.

There is a light that shine and soon the dawn will come
You'll find the purpose, purpose in your storm
Soon you'll discover peace like a river when the rain clouds form.
You'll find the purpose, purpose in your storm
La (1[8x]) Purpose in your storm

Mark my word, keep on livin'
I must've heard this 1,000 times
Daddy told me things will happen
Go on ahead and cry
Whoever said it would be easy walkin' the streets called life yeah.
You can make it you'll survive it. Yes you will.