MIKE RUTHERFORD lyrics - Smallcreep's Day IV. Cats And Rats (In This Neighbourhood)

"Smallcreep's Day IV. Cats And Rats (In This Neighbourhood)"

Say I'm going, yes I am going in another day,
Coz if I do go home I've nothing left to say.
I'm a man who clocked on but out of my life.
When the lights go out tonight I'll make my move.
Too many years and all those tears have gone so deep inside me.
Oh No!

Along the edge, above the metal dreamlike streamlike world.
Way up above looking down up row after row of factory machines.
There's no time like the present.
Singing a song I brought along to keep me company.

Aching back, my breath coming fast my feet getting lighter, I
I feel kind of dizzy

Running up, I'm running down.
I am nearly there, I am, I'm nearly there.
The light in the distance is getting so much brighter.
I'm a no-man in a no-man's land.

The metal girders that stand all around have now gone.
The sky through the skylight's a different shade of blue.
Cats and rats in this neighbourhood,
Cats and rats in this neighbourhood.
Look different to me.

Let it be a better day - for you my love.
Let it be a better day - for me my love.