"Love Is Looking For You" lyrics - MIRANDA LAMBERT

"Love Is Looking For You"

Baby, you're just jaded
From some nobody's unforgotten words
Baby, You're just fadin
A little grey from every time that you've been hurt

So you're looking for your skin
That you never did fit in
You can't hide when you're turned inside out
Love is lookin' for you now

Baby, You've been burnin
But you can't blow out a flame that you can't find
Baby, you've been thirstin
But the rain just ain't enough when you're this dry

So you're runnin' from the water
And the fire's gettin' hotter

I think you better find some level ground
Love is lookin' for you now

Baby you've been wearin
The shoes that someone else is wearin now
Baby, you've been swearin
That forever might have already run out

You can't love yourself
At the expense of someone else
You can't hide a lier from the truth
Love is lookin' for you
Love is lookin' for you
I've been lookin' for you
Baby I've been lookin' yeah