"Take It Out On Me" lyrics - MIRANDA LAMBERT

"Take It Out On Me"

These are the last words that I say to you
You know damn well what brought it on
I can't believe I've been a silly fool
To let it go on this long
You never let life get ya down
'Cause every single time
You take it out on me

You kick and scream you're dying love for me
You don't win love in a fight
The place you really need some victory
Is by yourself alone at night
I left my picture on the bed
So someone could be right
To take it out on me

Take it out on me
Or better still, you can take it out on the passenger seat
Where I used to be
I'm washing my hands clean
'Cause that's what you need
Take it out on me

You treated me like I was second hand
How I always caught the blame
You'll never guess what I've been catching now
A better man with a better name
You're left out in the rain again
You can walk home in my shoes
Take it out on me