"Busta's Outro" lyrics - MISSY ELLIOTT

"Busta's Outro"
(Timothy Mosley / Trevor Smith)
feat. Busta Rhymes

[Verse: Busta Rhymes]
And right about now with this particular time
As we bring this LP to a close
Busta Rhymes and the whole entire flip mode squad
Would like to congratulate you all for being such a wonderful audience
And taking the time outta' your busy day to day livin'
To do the knowledge, take in and observe and absorb and listen and feel the whole emotional roller coaster of this LP
Thoroughly put together by Missy and Timberland
The official bang shit
Hiphop Music, Soul Music, RNB Music
Ya'll mothafuckas' don't know!
This is that official full fledge shit
And until the next time, ya'll niggas stay safe, stay aware, and stay tuned
Word is bond and we be back