"Can You Hear Me" lyrics - MISSY ELLIOTT

"Can You Hear Me"
(Craig Brockman / Missy Elliott)
feat. TLC

[Intro: Diane Haughton phone call]
Missy it's Diane
Here's the information for the
Where you can send the flowers to
The florist for Aaliyah
I'll give you the phone number
In case you need it
Okay Missy, take of yourself
I love you
I love you, bye bye

[Verse 1: Missy Elliott]
I been checkin' on your moms and dad (uh)
And your brother since the day you left (left)
Passed on and went away with God (uh)
But for your momma its been so damn hard
I hate to even hear her cry (cry)
Aaliyah she asked me why (why)
Would her baby girl go this way (oh)
Can you give me better words to say

[Chorus 1: Missy]
Come one day she'll see you again
With the same ol' beatiful smile
Long hair and the voice of a hummin' bird
You'll be singing them same ol' songs
Aaliyah can you hear me
I hope that you're proud of me
Me and Tim we been doin' our thing
But its never been the same since you had to go
I ain't never met a friend more incredible


[Verse 2: Chilli]
I know you're in real good hands
With God but damn I miss you
Aaliyah if you see Left Eye
Will you
Tell her me and 'Boz miss her too
'Cuz no one's gonna fill her space (uh uh)
T-C, L not replaced
All the reasons we learned to love (love)
Fly high wit' your 22 doves

[Chorus 2: TLC & Missy]
One day we'll see her again
With the same ol' beautiful smile
Crazy but sexy cool
And she'll be rappin' them same ol' songs
Lisa can you hear me
We hope that you're proud of us
TLC has come a long way
But its never been the same since you had to go
'Cuz the healin' process will be long and slow

[Verse 3: Missy Elliott, Chilli]
Aaliyah I know you're in a safer place
You're face to face with the creator and our maker
And if you and Left Eye happen to chat
Tell her me and Tionne we know she's much safer
If you see Biggie smalls up in the clouds
Tell him he's still the illest emcee we had around
2Pac there is only one, Big Pun R.I.P
We say one (one yeah yeah)

[Chorus 3: Missy & TLC]
One day we'll see y'all again
With the same ol' beautiful smiles
All styles so many styles
And y'all be doin' the same old things
The last time we seen ya
We hope y'all can change the world
Let 'em see how short life be
It will never be the same since ya had to go
To the music world y'all are incredible

[Outro: Chili]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah