"Classy Plastic Lumber" lyrics - MODEST MOUSE

"Classy Plastic Lumber"


You go right through me
I go right through but I'm about to
Go on reminding you
I am about to see you through it


Your mouth, not mind is open wide
You don't have a clue
I, I am a reminder
He's got a voice so talk to yourself

So lift the bad weight off your molars (Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba)
And let the thoughts fall off your tongue (Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba)
'Cause I'm callin', callin', callin'
I've never written to anyone
So this is about ugly lovers (Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba)
And this is about pretty songs (Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba)
'Cause I'm a bastard, bastard, bastard (Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba)
In my lipstick, I'm so much fun

[Instrumental break]

Connect your wood feet to a motor (Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba)
And the chrome dance trophy is won (Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba)
A little classy plastic lumber (Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba)
I'm embarrassed but I ain't that stunned
Looks like the humans' days are numbered
That's a sitcom that was number one (Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba)
'Cause we're a past tense late rate mowers (Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba)
They must've thoroughly failed to convince us
Not to mess this place up