"Spaceage Sacrifice" lyrics - MONTROSE

"Spaceage Sacrifice"

He was a good man, he meant no harm
A victim of life, possessor of charm
In a time when no man could just do alright and get by
To make way for the new, the old had to die
The old had to die, it was crazy

They needed a change, no man would try
He did understand, but he didn't know why, no
So he left himself in the hands of the power
And locked up his questions in the people's tower
The people's tower, it was crazy

Don't think twice
Spaceage, oh, sacrifice

Well, let's go back to when it all was starting
A man on the moon and people were starving, yeah
Everyone knew, but most didn't care
Well, everyone thought they were going somewhere
Going somewhere
There was nowhere, it was nowhere

Don't think twice
Spaceage sacrifice

Oh yeah
It was a spaceage, spaceage
It was a spaceage, ooh, sacrifice
It was a spaceage, oh, just a sacrifice
Just a spaceage
Just a sacrifice