"The Final Course" lyrics - MUDHONEY

"The Final Course"

I stare into a belly through the eyes of a beast
Made a toast to life and commence the feast
We chewed up mitten creams till our mouths would ooze and foul
Devour man from meat, sucking marrow from the bone
Washed it down with wine, Vintage 1953
Leaned back in our chairs, sucked a bone and picked our teeth

Gazing at our bellies, I watched the unfolding of time
Stricken by a bolt eyed brother, there's no way that child is mine
Silence gripped the table till the solving begins
And her console and [?] from the wives of all the men
To glare down at the plates, faces flushing red
The women now demanded a platter with my head

The knowledge in my head fit the anger in my heart
The vomit in my hands meant the chocking will soon start
I grabbed the throat of the nearest shrew, she was sitting at my right
Someone brammed me with a skelet, boom boom

I know the... I was watching from above my body
Face down on the floor
They gathered round my carcass, gasping at her [?]
What do we do about the body, someone cried
I heard them without abide, "there can be no trial"
But the meat all quickly changed and they all got down to work
That how was I who became the final course