"This Cold Reign" lyrics - MUSHROOMHEAD

"This Cold Reign"

Break down the walls
Tear them to pieces
Burn them to ashes
Leave them with scars
Mine you have become

No one can help you
And no one is safe
The horsemen of doom
Are riding again
Try to beg for mercy
Here comes the evil
That spills from my head
Run for the hills
'Cause this is the end
Why beg for mercy

I climb the mountains
Pled to the warden
Drink from the fountain
Bled my distortion
I've seen all the things that make up your dreams
Awaken from your sleep
My soul to keep
Glory or defeat
Never let it go
Warrior chief

Women and children
Front of the line
Make them watch
While their loved ones die
Beating of flesh
Witches of wretch
Make them pay for their regrets

Agony come of age
Pain of punishment of hate
This cold reign
Soul drain
Dream of death we masturbate
Masquerade in rows of graves
This cold reign

I watch them burn
From day to day
Suicide genocide
Seems to be the only way