"The Get Down: Episode 2 - Seek Those Who Fan Your Flame" lyrics - NAS

"The Get Down: Episode 2 - Seek Those Who Fan Your Flame"
feat. Mr. Books

Click, BOOM!, that's what I heard
Things crash

Listen up to what my soul conjures up
My tear ducts dry, can't cry, I conceal it, I die
My index finger and thumb push the pin to the drum
You ask where I've been, New York City, BX where I'm from
No figment of my imagination, sad situation for my dad
Killer came in my pad and started sprayin'
Father layin' on the floor, he breathin' no more
Shot to death, the reaper came like a thief through the door
Shaolin, he helps me, he wealthy in street knowledge
He deep in the path of drug dealin' and violence
Day in and day out, drama, we couldn't stay out
Livin' in my aunt's house, music the only way out
'Cause we was in the broke down belly
Of a hungry beast
We stayed true, then we made up a crew
Shaolin gave me the name Book, I became a ragin' bull
Back when I was first enchanted by Grandmaster Flash
You had to be there, imagine him scratchin' wax
Up in his habitat in the Bronx, he got it on
The birth of a new group has spawned