NEIL DIAMOND lyrics - The Art Of Love

"The Art Of Love"

She said, it's time to teach you the art of love
She said, we're gonna reach to the heart of love
A place you never knew,
A place that lives somewhere inside of you

I know I'm on a journey I won't forget
I know I had it in me to give and yet I never could
Before I had to, if I wanted to be yours

You made me see I'd have to be a brand new man
He lives in me, so here in me is where I began

You showed the kind of lesson I can't erase
You showed a way to get from that lonely place
To where love comes alive
And you'd be waiting there when I arrived

The truth was clear,
Love's not a place you go to find
It lives in here
Just leave it space, give it time

I learned that I could stumble and maybe fall
I learned in being humble I'd have it all
A brand new way to live,
That love's not what you have but what you give
And the art of love is who you share it with