NEIL YOUNG lyrics - A Letter Home Intro

"A Letter Home Intro"

Hi mom!
Hey, itís great to be able to talk to you
Ah, I havenít been able to talk to you in really a long time
and ah, my friend Jack has got this box that I can talk to you from
So Iíd like to be able to send you this message
and tell you how much I love you and also tell you
that I think you should start talking to daddy again.
Since youíre both there together thereís no reason not to talk
And also, um, you know how we used to watch the weather all the time
on TV, and we used to know what was happening, ah, you know up there in Winnipeg
And ah, well I met this guy named Al and heís, um, heís the weatherman now for the whole planet
If you can imagine that, and ah, heís uh, sometimeís not popular because, uh,
this is very strange but, you know people turn on the weatherman
When the weather is gonna be bad, they actually turn on the weatherman
and uh, say bad things about him and put him down
So, so uh, things havenít been that great lately, uh
you know, day by day is really good, uh, you know most of the time
but every once in a while all hell breaks loose, mom
and the whole thing is just like nothing Iíve ever seen before
and it, it seems to be happening everywhere
So ah, you know if youíre in there, everywhere all the time
All around the whole globe, around earth
So you know, even though Alís forecasts are good he gets in trouble
So ah, you know I always know we used to watch the weather forecast together
so I thought Iíd tell you about that and ah, I miss you
And I know that ah, I-I know that ah, you know Iíd like you to say hello to Ben for me
Ah and, tell him that you know that Iíll be around, ah, Iíll be there eventually.
Ah, not for a while though, I still have a lot of work to do here
And ah, and so I love you, and ah I hope eveybodyís feeling good up there
and donít forget to talk to daddy, bye!