"Ragtime" lyrics - NEKO CASE

(Neko Case / Paul Rigby)

Last night, late, I was watching it snow,
It always goes sideways in the city
It comes right out from the streetlights, you know..,
Pumped out by an engine deep inside the earth's core
It goes sideways in the city

Cover the shapes and erase the date
This could be any evening in any place
The blizzard blows from left to right,
Which is funny 'cause the piano's playing "Summertime", from 1935
So sounds the alarm of Ragtime
It's Ragtime keeping time

Brave to the waves of its residue,
Its laughter from a marbled room
The white-crowned sounds of possible,
The sound that lures me
It says, "Don't you hurry.
Don't you worry, kid, we'll be seeing you.
We'll see you when you're ready."

Ragtime turning out the sun and moon,
Its gravity is soothing
It winds me in a sleek cocoon
I'll reveal myself when I'm ready,
I'll reveal myself invincible soon.