"!Bodega!" lyrics - NELLIE MCKAY


I love me an old-fashioned bodega
From the sea sides and the mountains pouring down
(Pouring down)
Through Cairo, Caracacas y Cartagena
To the old-fashioned, soul-passioned town

When love fills the air and he asks me
"When will you be mine?"
I sighed, my Valentine's
Proposed to me in a bodega

When romance has won and he asks me
"What home shall we have?"
I laugh, "my better half
Just build it inside a bodega, bodega"

I love me an old-fashioned bodega
Where the fruits and the flowers stay this dry
(Stay this dry)
School children come eager to buy their ortegas
For as goes the bodega, goes the life

Me amo un bodega pasado de moda
De moda
Y me veo a prueba le va
Le va
Te negro, boletos, paletas y soda
Y soda
En el templo de la gente lo callas

When storm clouds appear, and he tells me
"The landlords are loose"
I yell, "my grand Cayuse, fight with me to save the bodegas"

When justice has won
(!Si se puede!)
"The demons have lost their demands"
I cry, "my darling love
Make love to me in a bodega, bodega"

I love me an old-fashioned bodega
Pretty lights through the darkened paths of Rome
(Paths of Rome)
Lead the crippled, the broken and even the beggars
(The beggars)
To their old-fashioned, soul-passioned home

Take me home
Take me home