"Mecca" lyrics - NILE

(Pete Hammoura / Karl Sanders / Chief Spires / Walter "Sonny" Stafford)

Oasis, dark sanctuary
Night is born, heavy with passion
Shaman dance by the light of the Moon
Open your eyes to the song of the universe

Slowly we drag ourselves out of the primal slime
Slowly we arise to become mankind
Irrepressable we journey to Mecca

The heavens, the gods are all within you
Listen as the voice of reason speaks
The ranting and raving will tear the world apart

Ancient, alive, seething with power
Enigma of a single human heart
Monumental, neolithic
Bare your soul and enter Mecca

[Guitar solo]

Come, arise from the primordial mud
Cloak thy nakedness
In the endless stuggle of the ages
Give your spirit wings and fly
Come and fly