"Heaven" lyrics - O.A.R.

(Ryan "Barbaryan" Baharloo / Derek Fuhrmann / Marc Roberge / Gregg Wattenberg)

Eh-oh oh oh, eh-oh oh oh

I'm underneath it all tonight
Out my window there's a million lights
Thousand hearts feeling just like me
Man, it feels like Heaven out here in the street
I know I got a lot to learn
Breaking bottles only left me hurt
Play with fire 'til I burn myself
Don't you know that love will bring us somewhere else?

So you take the left, I'll take the right
Under arrest, we're under fire
Oh oh oh oh
I don't wanna go to Heaven if I can't get in
You take the low, I'll take the high
You lock the gate, I hear the choir
Everybody got a problem with the way I live
I don't wanna go to Heaven if I can't get in

Maybe I should take my time
And build this life by my own design
With no direction that is in between
Everything I love and everything I need
So bring it back, all I want is understanding
To live my life the way that I planned it
Wouldn't change a thing
Man, it feels like Heaven underneath my feet


So raise 'em up, raise 'em up
All I ever wanted was a shot at your love
I know, and I believe
Everything we got is everything we need
Oh, love will get you higher
I set my heart on fire
I know, it's what you see
Don't wanna go to Heaven if they don't want me

'Cause I'm no criminal
I'm not your enemy
All I have is life
And I don't wanna go to Heaven if I can't get in


[Bridge Repeat]

[Breakdown Repeat]