"On Top The Cage" lyrics - O.A.R.

"On Top The Cage"

I look out below me the clouds on top the blue
Kids thinking about nothing, 'cause there's
Absolutely nothing to do
The door ain't wide just open, open to the sky
On top the cage keep hopin', sayin 'cause on top
The cage just try, on top the cage

Help out your brother to the light
At peace is a helping hand
With help from our mother I shine so bright and I'ma
March to my father's land
I said we take spot and we take it up top and
The key gone fit in the lock
Would ya'll come with me on this lifting walk, and ya'll
Know you can never come back
Because on top the cage is the harmony that bars
And chains never chime
Wherever we go it's not far for me, better befriend
Old man time

On top ma' cage
And I'm never coming down

[Brief guitar solo]
Oh oh oh oh

They might feed you
All these things in your ear
Oh trust me, it's easy for you
To stop and hear
Ya might listen to that babble a lil' bit
At a little time
They tried to separate us
Each and every single time
They tried to feed you all these races
They tried to feed you all these sexes
And these creeds don't mean a thing
Because we are all one under that great sun
You must understand, my hand is the same as the next
And your neighbor right next to you
He feels the same in his chest
In your heart, we are one
In your mind, we are one
In your soul, we are one
So don't believe anything they tell you
I'll tell my kids you can be there
We're all the same
I'm sick and tired of hearing
That my name makes me different
That my skin makes me different
Well, I feel we're all the same

I'm on top of my cage
On top o' the cage
And I'm never coming down