"The Actor's Opprobrium" lyrics - OF MONTREAL

"The Actor's Opprobrium"

I guess I should have known to stay away
From a snuff film by Gene Genet
But the cash was good and the director gave me the biggest scene
What does it mean when Pentacostal born again virgins appear picketing in angry protest?
Oh those sloppy tarts have sulpherized hearts

Sure a dead man quietly pulling on his tongue in a coffin after being hung
Does make strange erotic cinema but that was the great master's vision
And the actors agree to portray the fiend is best in a death fantasy
'Cause when one is licking the knife, ah well that is truly the life

Oh what does it mean when the stagehand approaches wheeling in a guillotine
Let's play nice
Yes I want to be a star but that's going too far

Yes I'm still smarting from the bite of coital sessions in gelatal light
I'm questioning my chosen career
Don't think I'll be attending the premier