"Can't Get Right Blues" lyrics - OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW

"Can't Get Right Blues"

Now listen here...
Everytime I'm talkin bout tomorrow, I'm thinkin bout yesterday
Everytime I go for a ride, you know I end up walkin away
Everytime I feel like jukin, I lose my dance hall shoes
Everytime I wanna make love, I end up making the blues

I just can't get it right!
No no no
Get it right
Oh yeah yeah!
Love to do right, mama, love to do right, man
Now won't you walk right up onto the Promise Land
Now won't you get it right
No no no
Get it right
Oh yeah yeah!
Well the fish can't swim and the chick can't fly
But we'll all be angels in the by and by

Giggin at the razor's edge
At the brawl, yall, have a ball
Oh come one, come all

Now listen here...
Everytime I wash my feet, I put on dirty socks
Everytime I'm sleepin in, I end up watching the clock tick-tock
Everytime I'm waking, they say I'm loafin' in bed
Everytime I'm smokin', I end up chewin' instead

Now won't you listen here...
Everytime I see that women, I end up with a friend
Everytime I'm on high times, you know I'm loafin' the street again
Everytime I kill a tick, it turns it was a goon
Everytime I'm right on the money
I spend like I'm loose