"Eternal Soul Torture" lyrics - OPETH

"Eternal Soul Torture"

The deceased awake from beyond their sleep
Search for blood and mortal meat
Maggots crawl out from their eyes
Feel their pain, it's mournful cries
Pull your veins, tear out your heart
Consume the blood, feast on flesh
Torn apart, intestines scattered
Alimentary canal ripped and shattered
Pieces of your body eaten
Painful death as time stands still
Where your mind bursts in torture
Feel your soul be torn apart
Demons crawling through your system
Hell has risen, the gods of pain
Rip your skin, burn your bones
Internal organs torn and drained
Smell of flesh burnt to ashes
Cries of death from hell
Pain is all you revolve around
Where the souls of Satan's grounds
Rooms of eternal torture, reveal endurance of endless pain
Disintegrating mortals, bodies burn
There you feel the hellish torture
Hellish torment, brutal butchering
Demonic creatures revolve in torment...