"Myintrotoletuknow" lyrics - OUTKAST


[Verse 1: Big Boi]
Time and time again see I be thinking about that future
Back in the days when we was slaves I bet we was some cool ass niggas
But now we vultures, slam my nigga back out
To make his ass black out, or even pull your fucking heater
To make his whole crew believers, you're harder than a bitch full of dicks
But that don't be sounding like King Shit to me
See now in the ghetto or should I be saying Lakewood
You better be strapped 'cause them niggas over there just ain't good
Just being a hustler, serving the loyal customers
Rent was due on the first of the month so I'm hustling
I buy you 50 box of Phillies at the Citgo
And niggas be wanting drinks and shit from the fucking sto', yo
But that's aight though, 'cause I be getting paid
And every trip I take, there's a dollar to be made
I'm digging through my pockets for my earnings got you five
Deep, there it is, now it's time to smoke that dime

[Chorus: Big Boi]
If you smoke a dime, then I'll smoke a dime
If you smoke a dime, then I'll smoke a dime

[Verse 2: Andre 3000]
Time is slipping, slowly but surely
Niggas I used to hang with wants to act like they don't know me
Come and listen to my story, I gots a lot of shit up on my mind
I wipe the boo-boo from my brain then I finish up my rhyme
Take a number, I caught you in a slumber
I hit you for a lick, I'm in the slammer for the summer
But now it is the fall, I'm having a ball, making my nickel sacks crawl
To my niggas got to serving when they beep and when they call
I got the Peter, Paul and plus that Mary Jane
I'm rolling reefer out of a Regal, how could I refrain
From being rough, from being tough, from being dangerous
I'm hanging with the P.A., nigga, ain't no changing us
See you can try, if you try, if you don't, you don't
If you wanna battle, it's either that you will or you won't
See that rap shit is really just like selling smoke
If you got some fire shit, yo niggas gonna always toke
Dope, is not what I be slanging on this track
Niggas don't comprehend that it be deeper than Cadillacs
You know that, right, you bite, you fucked up
You won't be getting away this time, I'm real as hell, so what's up
I rip shit wit pimp shit, I'm slanging it from the South
Talk bad about the A-town, I'll bust you in your fucking mouth

[Chorus: Andre 3000]
If you smoke a dime, then I'll smoke a dime
If you smoke a dime, then I'll smoke a dime