"Staredown" lyrics - OVERCAST


Just seeing you bothers me
Affecting me down to my breath
I can only keep my patience for so long
How can I look at you? There's nothing left

Again you try to pull me down
Up from your level you reach
You leave nothing and take all
Like a blood sucking leach

As the walls close in on us
I face you with my fists
You forced me to react
Snap and here we go

Their true ignorance seeps into your veins
You too have their disease
It has infected your blood killing your own thoughts
Bringing you to your knees

Your spite goes unnoticed it relaxes me
To know when you've failed
Our cold staredown engulfed in tension
I snap, pure disaster

I'd bring you to hell
Bring you to hell if I could
I'd take you to hell
Take you to hell if I could

I'd bring you to hell
Soak in your blood
Delivering my wrath to you
Inverting your soul

I'd take you to my hell
Devouring your fear
Feeding off my hate for you
All this hate I have for you