"Goddamn Trouble" lyrics - OVERKILL

"Goddamn Trouble"

I felt a little better when the sun went down
I felt a little taller when I got up off the ground
Think I hurt my back when reaching for the top
This goddamn trouble
Ain't never gonna stop
I waited all day till they finally called my name
Right to the front of the line, and I brought my A-game
I was eye to eye with a two-wheeled cop
This goddamn trouble
Ain't never gonna stop, never gonna stop

You see it didn't look good for your hero at large
He was stuck in them mud, stuck in the charge
Then they sent him away up the mountain top
Never gonna stop

Pushing the envelope, pull out the rug
Pushing the button, pulling the plug
Too, too much trouble, there goes the rug

I like my trouble tight, who's to say I'm right
Too much, goddamn trouble
All day all night long, who's to say I'm wrong
Too much, goddamn trouble

Made my escape it was child's play
I was back in the race, I was winning the day
Yeah spitting gravel as I passed the cop
Goddamn trouble, just might stop
But I needed a plan and I needed it fast
I was winning the race but losing my ass
A siren blast and my heart did drop
Goddamn trouble, ain't never gonna stop
Never gonna stop
I grabbed a tape from the floor of the car
Jammed it in the dash and it played Highway Star
With a foot of lead and that Chevy hop
Never gonna stop

You can't give it away, selling trouble by the light of day
And I won't give it a thought, what you've sold and what I've bought

We all went down to the river, we all down to the race
We all went down where dead men float, down the river on their face
We all got into some trouble, with a hair not out of place
We all went down to the lazy old river, I tell ya gone without a trace

Goddamn Trouble, it ain't never gonna stop