"Where It Hurts" lyrics - OVERKILL

"Where It Hurts"

Suckin' on a screw down
Lie lappin' break down
Kissin' up the boy while the church burns down
Makin' up to God
Makin' up your bed
Lyin' up the God, playin' dead

I see the fizzle where the bombs fell on the beach
Tell me why the truth is what's stuck between your teeth

No one's leaving till I say so
Hold that breathin', this much I know

I know where it hurts

Open up the flood gates
Open up the seven gates
Open up the door, hear the church burns down
Streakin' like a comet
Chokin' on yer vomit
One more role play dead
Lord, I feel the pressure comin' down upon my head
Lord, tell me why the truth is sometimes better dead

Hit the streets, hit the wall
Hit the sheets, have a ball
In the mouth, in the face
In the teeth, take a taste
Hit me where it hurts
Come on and hit me where it hurts

Make 'em pay, make a stand0
Break away, be a man
Who ya be, who ya are
Where ya live, what ya are
Hit you where it hurts
Gonna hit you where it hurts

Playin' dead, dead, dead

No one leaving till I say so
No more reason, this much I know

Where it hurts