"Trombipulation" lyrics - PARLIAMENT




Here comes a new revelation (Yeah!)

OOOH! Like the way the baby blows it
Let the nose be nosy (YEAH!)


Let your body do the talkin',
Let your fingers do the walkin' (YEAH!!)
But for heaven's sake,
Let the wind do the blowin' uh, OW!
(Yut dut duh daht daahh-dah!) [3x]

They say that it ain't what ya knows it's what ya feel
(But on the real side)
I'll take my real and goes up hill
Give me the real and nose appeal


Trombipulation (Yut dut duh daht daahh-dah!)
New revelation

We be struggling by the pound
Givin' up plenty of sound
We be funkin' like they thought they were doin'

Let your eyes do the stylin', let your smiler do the smilin'
For heaven's sakes, let the wind do the blowin'


Trombipulation, here comes the new revelation (Yeah!!!)

Remember when we were dozy
And let the nose be nosy (Oh Yeah!)

Give me my really nose appeal
I'll stick my nose in any deal (Yeah!)

Let your fingers do the walkin' let your body do the talkin' (YEAH!)
But for heaven's sake, let the wind do the blowin', yeah

Ahh, foot
Tell them Nosy, I was blowin before the wind?
Wasn't I nosy?

Aaaoohh, if your nose is runnin' and your feet are smellin'
You must be upside down, clone!
That ain't cool, fool!

Ahhhh hah-ha hah
With the revelation of this new information
Of our cro-nasal sapien, we'll out-funk Starchild any day or night!
Ahh, ho-ho ho!

Tell them Nosy, wasn't I blowin' before the wind?
(Give me my really nose appeal) (cool)
He'll stick his nose in any deal (Dig! This is the fifth dig!)

Here comes a new revelational [Repeat]

I, Sir Nose D'voidoffunk, wish to declare,
That using the membrane,
I have recalled that my ancestry
Reached far beyond Cro-magnon
In front of neanderthal, ahead of Java
I was jivin' before Piltdown, I am the missing link
Sir Nose D'voidoffunk wish to declare,
I am the funkiest, I am the funkiest, I am the funkiest,
Have always been the funkiest, and I have...