"Queenie Eye" lyrics - PAUL MCCARTNEY

"Queenie Eye"

There were rules you never told me
Never came up with a plan
All the stories that you sold me
Didn't help me understand

But I had to get it worked out
Had nobody who could help
So then in the end it turned out
That I had to do it by myself

Life's a game
Rags from riches
Dogs and bitches
Hunt for fame
Difficult to know which way to turn

Lay the blame
On the snitches
Wicked witches
Fan the flame
Careful what you touch in case you burn

Queenie eye, queenie eye
Who's got the ball?
I haven't got it
It isn't in my pocket
O-U-T - spells out
That's out
Without a shadow of a doubt
'Cause you been putting it about
Hear the people shout
Hear the people shout

Play the game, take your chances
Every dance is much the same
Doesn't matter which of them you choose

Never blame the circumstances,
If romances seldom came,
Never pick a fight you're going to lose


It's a long way to the finish
When you've never been before
I was nervous, but I did it
Now I'm going back for more

Let's shout
Hear the people shout

[Chorus 2x]