"Born To Suffer" lyrics - PENANCE

"Born To Suffer"

All this suffering yet I cannot feel it
Words of consolation I bring to you
I am torn by grief and sorrow
For me there's no tomorrow

Hiding under your shroud of security
For your peace of mind
I've lived and learned with gifts bestowed on me
But I was left behind

I reach for you but you're illusion
Please excuse me for my intrusion
Once hopeful but now just living
Why must I be punished for giving

Youth memories that once had sheltered me
Kill me in the end
Born to suffer live by standard die in despair
Born to suffer again

Who are your heroes? Where are the morals?
Somewhere in limbo but surely not here
Can't you see my misery maybe tomorrow I'll be all right

Blasphemy and irony of a world on it's knees
Reality's gain is my loss, until a change
I will suffer