"Misery Song" lyrics - PENANCE

"Misery Song"
(Mike Smail)

If you could see the world
In the same light as I do
But you don't
So you can't and you won't
You'll never understand my views
And I don't care
You can't relate
I'm past the point of hate
And you know it

I've got my heart on my sleeve
For you to love or hate
Put up or shut up
I ain't got time to wait no more
I ain't gonna waste my time
To see if your water turns to wine

A perfect picture hanging on a crooked wall
A house of cards just waiting to fall
The gilded keys are the way to hell
For you to buy or sell
But you can never tell
And I'm laughing

You know I can't resist
Gonna roll over you like you never existed
I smile while all the while
I'll put you up just to tear you down
Bleeding hearts only beat so long
I won't sing your misery song
No more