"Pain" lyrics - PENANCE


Emotions rise like wisps of smoke
Too soon to dissipate
Warm days now blowing colder
Sunny days all turn to grey

Solitude can bring on peace
Or a piece of loneliness

Drifting on a jaded sea
Losing what I thought was me

The sound of silence is deafening
Screaming from every pore
Overwhelming me
Don't want to feel no more

Holding hope when there's none
Living in a world of no love

Crying out in vain
The only thing that's left is...


I've come to know you so many times
In so many ways
The more things change the more they stay the same
Oh how I love this little game

What delight! In the dead of night
With you at my side
I've come to love this feeling of
What you bring to me inside

Lying, writhing this agony
From the depths of night
I lay my head in solitude
Like I'm the only one alive

Reserve myself to the fact
That nothing's ever gonna change
Embrace this hell I know so well
Oh how I love you PAIN

Nothing lasts
And nothing is real

Nothing lasts
Life is surreal