"Out Of Luck" lyrics - PENTAGRAM

"Out Of Luck"

Dreary, caped figure roams
Through the fields way past twilight hours
Used to be a man
Long time ago
Now he's out of luck
Tell me broken soldier
What shattered your dreams
I know it must have been bad
Your hands are still tremblin'
There's not enough love to go 'round
I wanna help you get your feet
On the ground
So I'll leave a light in the tower
To light the moors through
Your restless hours
Before you call it quits
And say you're through
Just remember baby, I used to be like you
A battle plunges
To a very lonely end
I saw a man who struggled
But whose life would descend
A thought rang through me
As I rounded home's sweet bend
The last words that he whispered
You're my mirror's lonely friend - yeah - alright