"In The Flesh" lyrics - PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH

"In The Flesh"
(Nick Dida / Corey Penn / Peter Phillips)
feat. Dedi Baby Pa & Rob Odindo

[Intro - Dedi Baby Pa]
The original, check me out on the track
Dead smack in the middle of something that's phat
The opposite of wack because I don't go there
I prepare a little something on paper for your ear
To hear, to press rewind one time
Listen to the beat and the extremely dope rhyme
This individual has, nothing to prove
As the groove gets thrashed in the flesh

[Big Daddy Kane (cut & scratched [2x])]
"In the flesh"

[CL Smooth]
Introducing funk from the yard, collecting strictly knockouts
The brothers I sparred, which only means the man got nothing to prove
On a power move made by the CL Smooth
Live for the '95 I arrive in person
Hard dialogue without a whole bunch of cursing
It's my prerogative, so back up and live, fool
As long as they don't violate everything's cool, 'cause it's all good
Understood is the smoothest daddy with the roughest raps
Am I thinking about blowing the spot? Perhaps
Carry straps on strips for the trigger-happy pirates
Where ladies catch fits steady reaching for my privates
But hold, how I unfold my whole repertoire
Now here we are to whole making of a superstar
With Rob-O and Dedi with the P.R
But nevertheless it's CL Smooth

"In the flesh" (scratched [4x])

Rob-O's at the top of the list, so bust this
Stick to funk like Scotch, the top-notch vocalist
You don't stop, 'cause I can illustrate with the needle
Penetrating straight through the souls of many people
Is there any equal? On this path I'm innovating
Still faking, put down your pads and stop waiting
See the year of the fly MC is here
So stand clear, I'm facing the Gods with no fear
Rob-O, East Coast, uptown
MCing the most and spreading Mecca all around
Selecting the sound to make the party people hound
The DJ for more of what I say in '94
It's like that, so don't stop
It's like this, so God bless
Soul Brothers get down with no stress
Yeah INI's representing in the flesh

"In the flesh" (scratched [4x])

[Dedi Baby Pa]
Even in the mirror, it just doesn't get any clearer
I hear a funky beat and I gotta get nearer
KABOOM! Stepping in the sound room mellow
A dangerous flavorous fellow, hello
Style and grace, the original's in this piece
In the place right along with the pace
Nevertheless, in the flesh no quest'
The sess in the system, of course I'm fresh
I rest in the Villes, the skills advance
To a level of extravagance, the talent's all balanced
The extreme dopeness for the nation
D. is the inital, MC's the occupation
5'9's the height, light the color of the skin
Once the beat roll, my goal is to win
My friend the best, the real side yes
I rest my case in your face in the flesh

"In the flesh" (scratched [4x])

[Pete Rock]
Soul Brother supreme to catch wreck in the flesh
So check one two and a mic test
Now clear the room, I scoped you with the wide angle zoom
Trying to overstand my funk tunes
Coming soon, so chill, don't stress The Creator
I'll kick the funk loop from here to Cal Tjader
And cross the fader, and pack the lines on my paper
With rhymes so tough, who got the flavor?
Plus the knack to rock, I'm steady heating up the spot
The Chocolate Boy Wonder making heads bop
In flow motion, domes crack open like the pavement
Off some shit I made down in the basement
The funk ambassador, asking you to get with the pro-
Fessional, yo there's no question I can flow
Time to slide, you know the P.R. will provide
The real and still I feel the vibe, I'm in the flesh

"In the flesh" (scratched 1[6x])