"Never Like This Before" lyrics - PETER WOLF

"Never Like This Before"

I've never been kissed, loved, squeezed and teased
But never like this before
You've got me trackin' behind ya
Runnin' on my knees, teasin, and beggin' some more

I said I heard a lot of sweet talk in my time
But your pretty words just mess up my mind
It's like never (never) never (never), never like this before

I've been swept and kept up all night
Sometimes I didn't rest at all
I've been shifted, lifted up sky, waited on a waterfall
I know sometimes it's easy, and sometimes it's rough
I just can't seem, girl, to get enough
I said never (never) oh, never (never) never like this before

Let me tell you about your love, baby
Ah, shake it now darlin'
Oh, take it now reverend
Strong as a tree root
You know you got sweet, as like candy sweet
How do you do it?
Do it to me baby

Come on!
It's no good

Oh, sometimes you love me crazy, girl
Then you love me rough
I just can't seem to get enough
It's like never (never) never (never)
I say never (never) never (never) never like this before

Never had it this good baby (never)
You're hot, shake it now , ma
Oh, you're mine baby
Stronger than a tree root
Sweeter as so sweet
Oh, come on, one more time, now
Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me, Whoah!
Oh yeah! You love me, than you get me tough, baby
Mindbreaking love