"Starvin' To Death" lyrics - PETER WOLF

"Starvin' To Death"

She's always coming too close
I wish she'd leave me alone
But I want her to stay
By the length of my arm
Or a 20-foot pole
I keep her away

The more that she gives me
The hungrier I get
But I would not give an inch
If I were starvin' to death

And every message I send
I have to send out in code
Just to cover my tracks
And I can't understand
How she knows what she knows
She should be facing the facts

It's a sad, sad story
Like the one in Macbeth
And I'll never, never let her know
That I'm starvin' to death

There are times when I call her
She answers the phone, she knows
She calls out my name
And waits for my voice
But I don't say a word, not a word

And pretty soon I'm guessing
She'll be saving her breath
And I'll never say a word
'Cause I'm starvin' to death