"St. James Infirmary" lyrics - PHIL HARRIS

"St. James Infirmary"

When will I ever stop moanin? When will I ever smile?
My baby went and left me, she'll be gone a long, long while.
I feel so blue and heartbroken, what am I livin' for?
My baby went and left me, never to come back no more.

So I went down to that St James Infirmary,
I heard my baby groan.I felt so brokenhearted.
Baby used to be my own.
I tried to keep from cryin', my hart felt just like lead.
She was all I had to live for,I wish that it was me instead.

I went down to old St. James Infirmary, all was still as night.
My gal stretched out on a cool, white table, so cold, so pale, so white.
Though she treated me mean and lowdown, somehow I didn't care.
My soul is sick and weary, I hope we meet again up there.

Let her go, let her go, God bless her, wherever she may be.
She could look this wide world over,but she'll never find a sweet
Man like me.

When I die I want you to dress me in straight-laced shoes.
A box-backed coat with a Stetson hat.
Put a twenty dollar gold piece on my watch chain,
So the boys'll know I died stand-in' pat.
I'll play these.