"Trivial Sscene" lyrics - PIGFACE

"Trivial Sscene"

[Cathy:] Hi, my name is Cathy and I'd like to welcome you to the Psychic
[Martin:] Hi Cathy
[C:] Can I get your first name?
[M:] Yeah, this is Martin
[C:] Martin?
[M:] Yeah
[C:] OK, Martin, is there a particular area you would like to talk about
[M:] Yes, music
[C:] OK, When you feel comfortable with your thoughts in question would you
Tell me to stop shuffling my cards
[M:] OK
[C:] OK, would you like me to cut them or let them fall?
[M:] Ohh...Let's cut them
[C:] OK, so where do you live right now Martin?
[M:] I'm in Chicago
[C:] OK, OK Martin, the justice card is sitting in the significator. OK? Now
This is telling me that I do feel that some of those people that you are
Involved with or that surround you, they don't, in the future, might be such
Good alliances or scissors[?] or partners or, or what have you.
[M:] OK
[C:] The lines of disception going on, there may be some drug using going on,
That maybe you're not aware of.
[M:] Wha...Wha..What's happening?!
[C:] That these people are reversed, so that means, there intensions are not
That good. They're not good partners, they're not good alliances, OK? I feel
You would do better on your own
[M:] OK
[C:] Now can you relate to that?
[M:] Yes I can
[C:] OK, You know because it shows as the advice card that you need to lay away
A lot of the old so that the new can come in. Things just aren't clicking the
Right way here. Which is you know?
[M:] OK
[C:] Uhm...next month, it shows some lines of disception going on here.
[M:] Oh great!
[C:] Well Martin, while you're making extrordinary efforts to pull things
Together, y'know, it just shows that there's this heavy bondage there and
I'm not talking about a good bondage, y'know
[M:] OK
[C:] With that, and it's with that devil it does show that line, that
Disception, y'know going on. Maybe even some false accusation
[M:] Ca-Do you have an idea of a direction of what could be next?
[C:] Ohh...