"Cornerstone" lyrics - PLACE OF SKULLS


Baptist, don't let self-righteousness reign
Methodist are weary, what do the Pentecostal say
Catholicism, graven images are not the way
Episcopalians stand on their creeds
But they're all man-made

The Mormon church twist the word to unbelief
The Buddhist pray to a god who remains asleep
New age religion denies the fact of absolutes
And now mankind has assembled a church of prostitutes

But the Son Of Man, Jesus Christ, He is alive
In belief or in denial, He's the same for all time
He never came for the righteous man
But for the lost, He gave it all
You cannot add or take one thing from Him
He will always be The Cornerstone
Jesus is The Cornerstone

A house divided, it will never stand
One mind and spirit is what He demands
Let this mind be in you which is in Christ
Love our God and love your brother with all your might

Jesus is...