"I Wanna Know Girls" lyrics - PORTASTATIC

"I Wanna Know Girls"

I wanna know girls who want to know men
I'm already stuck inside the head of one of them
I'm so loosely defined
I wanna draw your outline
On a fresh yard of snow
The burning leaf held by the stem

I wanna know girls, yeah every one I can
And mostly I'm not stupid, but I love what I can learn from them
Sometimes knowledge is a shock
Don't push stuff by sharing rocks
You are my only sweetness and you know it
When you let yourself see it
That vibrating halo of tin

And let yourself be known
Let yourself be known
Don't use words, we're never alone
No, we're never alone
And let yourself be known
Yeah, let yourself be known
We don't need words, we're never alone
No, we're never alone

I wanna know girls that give me hope
That float by through the air
I love your feet and your legs
And everything going up from there
I was one thing I can always be had
But real love's not up for grabs
You know men ruin everything, it's true
But you and I, we can't be spoiled so let's be fair

I wanna know girls, but only love one
You're my source of energy
Hook a panel up to me
And shine down on me like the sun
Now, you and your friends say love is blind
But I think it's easy and kind
Or anyhow it could be
You buzzed me like it would be
You think we're in the movies
But movies never move me
Don't think that you can lose me
'Cause love is like an uzi
It weighs a ton. Oh yeah, my love weighs a ton - Hey!