"In The Lines" lyrics - PORTASTATIC

"In The Lines"

Did you get lost?
Or did our calls just cross
In the lines?
I hear some are going through
But not my calls to you
Well I'll keep tryin

I got this woman on the phone,
Wrong number.
Well even she starts
She said I hope you find your friend
I get lots of calls for him
I hope he's fine

& while no one is these days
When you smile I am amazed
& scared...scared like it's a crime

Now everyone hangs flags
Out their windows
I got a white towel...
I'm hoping that you'll see mine

Yeah I'm up here on the roof
Looking for proof
In our blue & dirty sky
& I'm on that train downtown
Listening for heartbeats underground
& you always had perfect time

Did you get lost
Did our calls just cross
In the lines
Oh, in the lines